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At the masquerade --- which included judging of fursuit construction, something bunny_hugger sat out of as she didn't build her own suit --- people in costume put on various performances, mostly moving jerkily about while some music played. I think the catch here is most fursuiters don't know how to dance, or haven't done much while in suit, so, they forget that there's three long minutes of music going on while they've shuffled back and forth and maybe clapped.

bunny_hugger did better than average, I think because she has studied dance and thought about what she'd do for her whole stretch of music, which was the fight song for Michigan State University. At least, she didn't seem to have any segments where she was stuck thinking what she might do next. I learned later she'd hoped someone in the audience --- since this was Columbus, home of Ohio State University --- would heckle her, so she could invite the heckler up and play against that. But the audience was politely quiet, possibly reflecting that while OSU really hates University of Michigan, they're only moderately sure they've heard of MSU in some context. (Also, logic implies that OSU and MSU ought to be frenemies, based on both being rivals to U of M.)

Nevertheless, while bunny_hugger didn't get an award for performance --- and there were many awards for performance, partly because fursuit awards are divided by skill levels here --- she did win a best-in-show certificate for best use of the con theme. You see, she was wearing a Michigan State shirt, and danced to the MSU fight song, which made hers the strongest use of the ``furries around the world'' theme.

After the masquerade (and before it, I should mention), we went to the dance, which was sadly small in attendance. This might reflect the Frozen Oasis folks --- who'd provide, besides the music, lots of frozen drinks --- being off on their own con this year (again), or that there really isn't any spot to hold the dance that isn't way off on the end of nowhere. But among the people at the dance were the two women we'd met at the hotel bar, who wandered in taking advantage, possibly, of the con's not-strict attitude about wearing badges or the dance's need for population. So everyone was having a great time, even if there could've been more people there.

Trivia: One of the earliest surviving orders from Dom Pérignon's cellars is a 14 November 1711 request for six hundred bottles to be sent to England via Calais, specifying that the bottles be of ``thick glass''. Source: The Essence Of Style: How The French Invented High Fashion, Fine Food, Chic Cafés, Style, Sophistication, and Glamour, Joan DeJean.

Currently Reading: Scholars, Students, and Parents: An Exploration of the Ideas behind the New Math and other Curriculum Reform, Stephen White. It all makes a good case for thoughtful education --- you know, where the course is designed to get students to think about why and how and to notice patterns of stuff --- but it doesn't make much of a case for this being the way to learn, and there's something terribly defensive in how it explains that you shouldn't worry about your child getting introduced to weird terminology and stuff like set theory because it won't do any harm. If your defense of the pedagocial method has to fall back on ``your child doesn't have anything to lose'' you've lost the case for education reform.


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