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The simple heart will be prized again

If there's anything we learn from the study of past animals, it's that animals in the past were a lot cooler than the ones we have today. I don't want to dismiss the general coolness of modern animals, since so many of them know where I live and have heard that I'm made of meat (not wholly: parts of me are made of vanadium, and parts of me are an after-market add-on stereo that never worked right, which is why I never hear people's names when they're given to me and must instead rely on checking their name tags), but the general rule is, the farther in the past you go, the cooler they were.

Take sloths, for example. Today the average sloth is a pleasant enough creature, sweet-looking and not bothersome in its ways. But back before the recent Ice Age, there were sloths with amazing features: giant ones, for example, ones the size of minivans. And this was a time when minivans were gigantic, with accommodations for up to forty people, or forty-four if they were feeling alliterative and had clean outfits on, with side-impact airbags and well over 150 cupholders. The modern sloth of today, meanwhile, is extremely vulnerable to rolling over at highway speeds, and has only the two cupholders, and if you try taking your cup without the sloth's being ready for you they get all bitey. You would have to signal them appropriately, using the telegraph, because they like the old-time feel of that.

And I do invite everyone over to my humor blog for the end of this post. Also running this week were a word from our pet rabbit, as well as an investment opportunity I'm not sure about, and continuing on the financial theme some observations about what you need to do to thrive in this economy. Also, there was a comic strip I quite liked, and I wanted to share thoughts about that.

Trivia: The first millisecond pulsar discovered, PSR 1937+21, was found in 1982, in the constellation Vulpecula. It rotates more than 600 times per second. Source: The Quest For Alien Planets: Exploring Worlds Outside The Solar System, Paul Halpern.

Currently Reading: On The Edge: The Spectacular Rise And Fall Of Commodore, Brian Bagnall.

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