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One really great thing Morphicon offers is, besides a con suite that's pretty well-stocked if you're not vegetarian, hot meals on Friday and Saturday. Friday's was a pizza day, and while bunny_hugger and I were there early, we didn't stuff ourselves unduly and we waited for the line to fade out before going back for seconds. I forget what the dinner was Saturday, or what exactly we did do. We must've done something as I remember we weren't starving in that late-con-day mode in the evening, but, what we did have is a mystery to me. I have this impression of soups; possibly we stocked up at the con suite, which had minestrone at some point, and Cheetos at every point.

We brought bunny_hugger's guitar, and while she wasn't going to be playing it in any con-organized events, there was no particular reason she couldn't just take it out into the hallways and play where she found people willing to listen, and that she did. She couldn't do this in full fursuit --- the paws just don't allow for that fine motor control --- but that's all right. She went around with the simple bunny ears on her head and tail strapped to her belt, and I went in my ears and tail and with the guinea pig puppet, and we strolled around the hotel a couple times.

Part of what's great about Morphicon is that it's so easy to have furry/muggle interactions, and her strolling around, playing, in partial costume, delighted quite a few people who had no idea what was going on but knew for some reason their weekend in Columbus was surrounded by people in animal costumes waving merrily. We got to explain the goings-on as best as we could, and everybody left smiling and thinking things were really cool.

bunny_hugger has been practicing guitar in her spare time, although in the last weeks of term --- including finals week --- there's not much of that. It also turns out that nearly every Kinks song includes not just some freak impossible chord that requires seven fingers on each hand to play, but also shifts between them up to twelve times per second. But she did also work out the chords for a couple of Sparks songs, which are light and merry and fun and also much easier, musically, and she's got enough simpler Beatles or Paul McCartney pieces that she wasn't in danger of boring me or, I think, any onlooker.

Trivia: The first Anglo-French telephone cable, a modified telegraph wire, was laid in 1891. Source: How The World Was One: Beyond The Global Village, Arthur C Clarke.

Currently Reading: On The Edge: The Spectacular Rise And Fall Of Commodore, Brian Bagnall.

PS: Reading the Comics, 16 May 2013, another of those reviews of comic strips that mention mathematics topics.


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