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And nouns and nouns but I'm not sore

This brought us of course to the closing ceremonies and the normal sorts of things for the close, like, the first time bunny_hugger and I were perfectly sure we knew who the guests of honor were. Well, that happens when you just go for the con and don't worry about who's in the lineup. And there's the celebratory moments like reports of con statistics and of the money raised for the charity and all that.

Unfortunately Morphicon doesn't have much to do the Sunday night --- the only real event is the Atomic Battle of Doom, some massive LARP-type action at which we just peek from the door because we're not interested in signing the liability waivers that it requires. But bunny_hugger produced some entertainment of her own, strolling around with guitar and singing and delighting Ebony Leopard with her rendition of Sparks's ``Everybody's Stupid (That's For Sure)'', which he thought was her original composition until she dismissed credit. It's a fair question why Sparks hasn't joined the ranks of standard geek music references; I have theories, but they can wait.

As we had two years ago, bunny_hugger and I met up with xolo and Kattywumpus to go to dinner at the Blue Nile, an Ethiopian restaurant down along US 23 from the con. (We went in my car, which needed to be cleaned out a little bit before we could go. I took the excuse to clean out the [ folded-down ] rear seats by going in through the hatchback trunk, because I really like excuses to leap into my car's hatchback trunk.) It seemed to take a long while to get there, but we remembered, it seemed like an awfully long time getting there last time, and we went back to the hotel to get directions and found we just hadn't gone far enough. This time we went farther and that was about far enough.

The Blue Nile revealed a catastrophe to us, though: it had a sign out front warning that it was changing its name, and it was shifting the cuisine to do both Ethiopian and Thai, I think it was. Certainly something from another continent. The waiter warned us about this, but that the old menu was still going to be served and we could have that if we wanted. We did, and it was just fine, but it's hard to not see this as a warning sign of the restaurant's total collapse.

Also over the course of the night I may have agreed to host a con version of The Price Is Right, which I'm simultaneously very well qualified and hopelessly unqualified to do. I can kind of see how it might be done, picking stuff like commissions and con merchandise for the small prizes, but, (a) what would big prizes be, (b) what kind of pricing games could be done since the best games depend on big props that move and those are just the worst for a semi-amateur group to put together (I suppose we could do Rat Race, if we can find some wind-up rats), and (c) how to actually test the idea out. Also there's my inability to actually speak on purpose in public, but there's a year; maybe something can be worked out.

Trivia: Michigan's first Grange chapter was founded 10 June 1872; by the end of the year there were seven. By October 1875 it had 605 chapters and 33,196 members, the ninth largest Grange membership in the nation. Source: Michigan: A History of the Great Lakes State, Bruce A Rubenstein, Lawrence E Ziewacz.

Currently Reading: The Non-Statistical Man, Raymond F Jones.


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