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But the pressure is on and I can't make up nothing special

Shortly after the Coon's Candy stop, we got to about the area of the rest area where bunny_hugger found the spring beauties on the way down. She'd thought about bringing some up for transport and we stopped in the hopes she'd be able to find some to dig up in such a way as not to get us thrown into Flower Thief Jail. There wasn't any trouble getting the work done without being noticed, since it was a rest area an hour out of Columbus. The real challenges were, first, finding spring beauties, as they were not nearly so obviously in force this time around; and second, finding something to put the plants in. We didn't think to swipe or keep around any extra cups.

Luckily, we found an old Wawa coffee cup in one of my car's rear seat cupholders. This indicates how long I've gone without cleaning out my car's rear seat cupholders, since my car hadn't been in Wawa territory since late June. So we were able to take several plants to be put in the backyard, in what bunny_hugger briefly quipped was the makings of a fiasco, in case these turn into a kudzu-luke menace brought up to mid-Michigan.

In the rest plaza, we pored over the map of Ohio, with bunny_hugger giving me a guide to places she knew well from college days. We're both great ones for looking over maps, and we must've got into it too well as someone came over to offer us help finding our way. We would manage a similar feat of looking so lost as to need help when we got into Michigan and stopped at a rest area there. That one was my doing, though: I picked up the magazine about all the things to do in the Lansing area to see what they promoted (it looks like a satisfying bunch of activities and destinations, really, so good job by the tourism boards there) and got the offer of directions.

We got home without any further spottings of that Nova Scotia car or any strange fire rainbows.

Trivia: President Eisenhower accepted the United States National Committee for the International Geophysical Year's proposal for a satellite on 27 May 1955, a day after the National Security Council approved it. Source: Something New Under the Sun, Helen Gavaghan.

Currently Reading: Apollo: The Lost And Forgotten Missions, David Shayler.


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