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Parsley, Sage, Rosemarie, and Thyme

There's nothing quite like wandering around a garden nursery looking at all the various tiny plants that I'm far too stupid to actually manage. Of course you can say that about many things: there isn't anything quite like building a multi-use sports arena out of nothing but discarded satellite TV dishes, for instance, unless you count building several single-use sports arenas all close up against each other. But that shouldn't be counted against the fun of wandering around all these little rows of plants nestled in tiny plastic pots and reading how relentlessly Anglo-Saxon a name they can get, and what sorts of folklore attach to them.

And that's the kick which I'm on this week for the full-length piece. There's also been the full roster of shorter pieces, including a discussion about our responsibilities with our pet rabbit; my impressions of a wonderfully tiny airport you'll be hearing more about as I get to that part of my life, and the trouble with figuring out who someone is these days. And there's a Krazy Kat comic which I wanted to share, that you can understand even if you don't follow the strip. And there's some more stuff which I hope you like too.

Trivia: The liquorice plant, Glycyrrhiza glabra, grows in at least a dozen edible varieties. It is a shrub, with long fibrous roots and rhizomes, containing a liquid considerably sweeter than sugar and offset with bitter tastes. Source: Sweets: A History Of Temptation, Tim Richardson.

Currently Reading: NYSE, Robert Sobel.

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