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What a day to go kite flying

Something I like about flying United into Newark is that I can get a flight which arrives in the early afternoon, and it's easy to stop in on my niece an her parents, and maybe also stop in to the Rutgers library, and still get home in time to see bunny_hugger online and get a decent night's sleep. Not so flying into Trenton, as they have the one flight a day, some days, and it got in after 10 pm. Add time to get my bags and the rental car and I was setting out to maybe get home by midnight. (I'd get delayed a bit because the car's tires were low and I refilled them, at a Wawa where one of the store's employees and some friends were hanging around just running the air pump for tires because, hey, it's free and what are you going to do hanging around a Wawa parking lot after 11 on a Sunday?)

So I got in to the office early Monday, not quite as rested as I might like, but it was pretty well-timed anyway. I'd done some major revisions on the main project at work, and kept them in the development site since I knew that they could cause problems with the actual customers once posted. Over the weekend, then, I posted the big revisions and trusted that with me on-site I'd be able to fix any oversights in pretty good time. This was true: there were about a half-dozen little glitches, most repairable easily, but it was tooth-pullingly hard to get descriptions of what exactly was wrong from the tech guys. If I couldn't go downstairs and make them say, ``show me what isn't working'', I'd probably never have known just what they thought was broken, never mind fixed it. I'd been planning to post the big update on a day when I could be standing by; I'm glad I was able to arrange it so as not to have to do it over the phone.

After the glitches were worked out everyone was happy with the revisions, though. The code's faster --- that was the whole point of the rewrite --- and smoother, and, since I started putting in jQuery UI stuff in place of my hand-made Javascript tools, a whole lot slicker-looking. I think the looks alone convinced people the code was better, but, really, it's throughout an improvement and people realize that.

The boss, meanwhile, did not show up on Monday, cutting out one of the three days we might have met to discuss matters. Apparently, he missed his flight Sunday night, not for the first time.

Trivia: Lie detector pioneer John Augustus Larson gathered records of seven thousand tattoos over the course of a decade (roughly the 1930s), but failed to find any pattern linking them to criminal behavior. He did claim 63 percent of subjects he found ``feeble-minded, alcoholic, schizophrenic'' sported 65 percent of the ``mother'' tattoos, 66 percent of the ``heart'' tattoos, and 74 percent of the crucifix tattoos. Source: The Lie Detectors: The History Of An American Obsession, Ken Alder.

Currently Reading: Falling To Earth: An Apollo 15 Astronaut's Journey To The Moon, Al Worden, Francis French.


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