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But I still haven't found what I'm looking for

I didn't quite spend the entire time back east at the office --- I did go to my parents' home every day, after all --- but I didn't have much time to putter around with stuff. I was trying to make a serious, last effort to clean out the remaining stuff left over in the guest room that I hadn't dealt with previously. That's been tolerably successful. I did send a couple of boxes of books off to gafennec, the last ones I believe, and otherwise reduced the pile of things I need to deal with to, well, probably about one more parcel to mail back home (or just quietly toss in the trash and try not to think about). Slowing me down is that my father's decided some things that I had given him, particularly souvenirs from Singapore, are or are meant to be mine. My mother characterized this as ``remembering who gave you the gift, not that it was a gift''. If it comes to keeping the model North-East Line MRT train myself or letting it get thrown out, I'd rather find a place for it in Lansing, but I'd really rather he kept it himself.

Not dealt with, again, and needing it is the retrieval of whatever data I can from my old 1990s desktop Macs. I really should have cleared data off them before, but now I have what seems to be a tolerable USB-to-SCSI bridge that should let me copy stuff off the drives. Since that should include things like whatever my earliest logs of talking with bunny_hugger online I'm eager to save what can be saved, but I am resigned to the fate if they just can't be salvaged. My father has the idea that I could, once I've cleaned the computers off, sell them or donate them to Goodwill or the like, since if there is anything anybody actually needs it's a Performa 6115 with 2x CD-ROM drive.

And some time was taken up with trying to solve my father's laptop network problems. I couldn't. I should mention this isn't the first laptop he's gotten on the cheap which won't actually go on the Internet; it's at least three or four couple-years-old Windows laptops that will do absolutely everything except the one thing laptops are supposed to do. This accomplished nothing, but it kept me from dealing with my own stuff for a night or so.

Another and really weirder incident was in the problem of getting my mother's storage boxes of summer clothes down from the attic. I couldn't find them in the attic. Neither could my parents. We have no idea where they've gone, because the house isn't that big, and the number of places that plastic bins full of clothes could hide is limited and searched. Now, my father has managed to store an infinite amount of stuff in the attic, including at least four obsolete printers and all the binders he needs for the ISO 9000 certification program for the company he worked at in the late 80s, but my mother's summer clothes? Not in there. There's a good chance I put them up there, but I don't remember where, and all the places I might plausibly have, I've been to, and they're not there. I have no explanation for this phenomenon.

Trivia: The Louisiana Purchase St Louis Exposition of 1904 offered a $100,000 prize for a successful flying machine. The Wright Brothers missed the deadline to submit the $250 entry fee, and the Fair (which ran a deficit) ultimately impounded the prize money. Source: First Flight: The Wright Brothers And The Invention of The Airplane, T A Heppenheimer.

Currently Reading: Marlborough, J R Jones.

PS: A Cedar Point Follow-Up, for those who wonder whatever happened to the Transport Refreshments stands at Cedar Point when they tore down Disaster Transport.


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