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I saw a great big wooden box a-floating in the bay

I figured it was a good time to do some serious looking at this new OS X Mavericks and other stuff that Apple's up to, because it's all just come out and has finally got its visibility set to ``yes'', and I'm in pretty urgent need of some click-bait. I'm bad enough at writing stuff people want to read that I still call it ``click-bait''. I'm not sure anyone ever called it that, but I'm sure the people in the industry have a proper and more precise term for it, something like ``isomorphic differentiable topological class structures'', because that's the sort of phrase you never go looking for until you're desperate for whatever the person using it was selling. My last attempt at click-baiting involved rubbing peanut butter on a USB hub, and that worked pretty well, right up until the thing was robbed by chipmunk, who made off with $2.38 in loose change. Off to looking.

And for the rest please trip over to my humor blog, which fills out the essay a little bit, nicely, I think. Also among this week's offerings are a report on how I handled a fly, which is pretty much how it happened, an update on the continuing degradation of my handwriting, an item from the community events calendar, and some good news from the music scene. Also, a bit of classic Mister Dooley work written by Peter Finley Dunne before they invented copyright.

Trivia: The 22 (then 23, Pakistan joining) nations which participated in the 1947 Geneva talks which formed the first round of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade assembled into more than a thousand bilateral conferences, and debated over fifty thousand products. Source: A Splendid Exchange: How Trade Shaped The World,</cit> William J Bernstein.

Currently Reading: The New Space Opera 2, Editors Gardner Dozois, Jonathan Strahan.

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