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But he knew it wouldn't last

And now one more little ``Pay The Rent'' interlude in my reporting on The Price Is Right. Last Monday there was another playing of the game, one that didn't result in a $100,000 prize being won, which is fine as I'm wondering how long I need to keep up my little number-tracking about this small point anyway. There's probably only going to be one more playing of the game before the end of the season anyway, so I'll see that out, and think about what I mean to do come September.

For this showing, the prizes were a bottle of Wood glue ($6.42); a 1.5 ounce bottle of Capzasin ($8.49); some Egg whites ($3.49); Barbecue sauce ($2.29); Gold Bond foot cream ($5.99); and a 14.5 ounce bag of Green beans ($1.49).

The contestant put the Green beans in the first level ($1.49 total); then the Barbecue sauce and the Egg whites ($5.78 total); then the Wood glue and the Gold Bond ($12.41), and for a rare moment of sense, then walked away with at $10,000 prize. This is following what's got to be the sure-win approach for the game, putting the small prizes in in ascending order and taking your $10,000, but most contestants get hypnotized by that $100,000 and go on. In this case, going on to the Capzasin on the upper level ($8.49) would've lost it all, as expected.

I had expected that with the game finally won there'd be a tightening up of the prices --- last time around had ten possible winning combinations, out of 180 conceivable and 30 if you're able to reliably pick the most expensive prize --- and sure enough that happened. As Octave and I make it out there's just one winning layouts: Egg whites ($3.49); Wood glue and Green beans ($7.91); Barbecue sauce and Gold Bond ($8.28); and Capzasin ($8.49). I expected they'd shut the door but not quite slam it so hard.

For the season, now, the range of price prizes has been $3.90, $4.80, $4.70, $3.10, $7.90, $9.40, $15.50, $11.40, and now $7.00. The range in (most generous, when that's been an option, and I think this is the first time this season there hasn't been an alternative) has been $3.20, $2.00, $2.10, $1.30, $7.90, $9.40, $15.50, $11.40, and now $5.00.

Trivia: In 1958 Jules Feiffer created for Terrytoons a pilot for a children's cartoon series, Easy Winners, which studio head Gene Deitch hoped to animate by shooting the animator's drawings directly, without inking or painting. A CBS executive rejected it as being ``too New Yorker-ish''. Source: Of Mice And Magic: A History Of American Animated Cartoons, Leonard Maltin.

Currently Reading: Priceless: The Myth Of Fair Value (and How To Take Advantage Of It), William Poundstone.

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