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Chilly, Chilly is the evening time

Going back five years, less a month: bunny_hugger and I went, on my father's recommendation, to Seaside Heights and the Casino Pier, which I was dimly aware of, despite great geographic reasons to know it was there. We would have a perfect day, a day I'd cover in my obsessive detail ever, because of how precious, how important, how magnificent a day that would be. We would ride many of Casino Pier's rides that day, all of its adult roller coasters, and the first one we'd ride would be its wild mouse. We'd come back to it, again and again.

Going back eighteen months: at the Floyd Moreland carousel, at the base of Casino Pier, we got engaged.

Going back eight months: Superstorm Sandy smashed the Jersey Shore, destroyed Funtown Pier, chopped Casino Pier. The wild mouse wasn't the roller coaster that fell into the sea, but it was damaged, and all the surviving rides would have to be inspected. Over the winter it would be taken down; it's, last I heard, still being evaluated, to see whether our first roller coaster would ever be ridable again.

Going back four months: Casino Pier put on sale a ``limited'' quantity of the bolts which held the wild mouse together. I asked my father if he could get to the pier; they would make a wonderful, touching, romantic thing to give my wife, perhaps for her birthday, perhaps for Christmas, perhaps some time when she needed to feel that touch of our perfect day. My father called back, leaving a message on the machine which bunny_hugger heard, about trying to deal with ``the mouse thing'', but the matter was getting complicated, and while he didn't explain in quite enough detail for her to know what he was talking about, I explained the message --- not thinking of a plausible cover for it --- and the hope for surprising her was lost. Not that it would matter: when my father called the office back, trying to get the reserved bolts, they had no idea what he was talking about, and it seemed the whole chance was lost.

Going back a month: the one day I had time free while back in New Jersey for work. They had been selling bolts at the go-kart track; maybe, just maybe, they had a couple left. Before my haircut I headed for Seaside Heights, and found a parking spot exactly in front of the booth. They had bolts left; apparently, they're popular souvenirs. I got the sense the attendant had heard stories like mine --- I couldn't resist bubbling over with how the wild mouse had been my and my wife's first roller coaster together --- many times, but she still smiled. I left the bolts with my parents, and didn't mention any of this to bunny_hugger.

Going back one year ago, the 30th of June: bunny_hugger married me.

Going back to yesterday, the 30th of June: at the Floyd Moreland carousel again, I gave the wild mouse bolts to her.

Trivia: The French Republican calendar month of Germinal was translated into Italian as Germinale, into German as Sprossenmonat, and into Dutch as Kiemmaand. Source: Mapping Time: The Calendar and its History, EG Richards.

Currently Reading: The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, May/June 2013, Editor Gordon van Gelder.


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