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Straddle the line in discord and rhyme

``You know you haven't fed me,'' our pet rabbit explained patiently while standing on his hindpaws and rattling his cage's mesh so as to make the loudest din he's able to.

I gave his complaint proper consideration and said, ``I did feed you. It was that bunch of lettuce and parsley and mint-scented stuff that I put in your cage just a couple hours ago.''

And please follow on to more of what my sister thinks is the best stuff I write. She's not so big on the math blog but can't get enough of the rabbit. Other humor blog entries this week include:

Trivia: Judge John Richardson, the canal's first signed contractor, dug the start of the Erie Canal (just outside Rome, New York) with an ox-pulled plow. Source: Wedding of the Waters: The Erie Canal and the Making of a Great Nation, Peter L Bernstein.

Currently Reading: Ocean On Top, Hal Clement. An investigator for the World Power Bureau finds a deep-sea farm where they're just wasting power all over, lighting up the deepest sea beds, and then … it sure seems like something's supposed to happen after this, but it's a short book and there's a lot of neat stuff in it. One price to be paid for being able to live unprotected on the ocean floor is you can't laugh, though, which seems like a hard decision. I note unironically that Aquaman was a favorite superhero of my childhood.

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