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Now, let me share the last report on The Price Is Right Showcase winners for the 2012-13 broadcast season. This might also be the last one I do at all, since I'm really not sure what my objective in gathering these statistics is anymore --- I've surely got enough evidence to show that spinning the big wheel really is an equal-opportunity gateway for all the contestants --- and I know nobody has any comments they can think of to go with this past ``yeah, that describes a thing that happened, I guess''.

These, anyway, are the results for the show from the 3rd of June through to the 28th --- the end of the regular season --- plus the special 4th of July Salute to the Troops episode. The show isn't to be in new run until a special episode in late August, and then picks up with the next season come September. The winning Showcase contestants so far this month and season have been:

First Second Third
Month 11 11 20
Season 119 131 130

Despite a really strong month for the third spinner, the result has to be one that's really not distinguishable from giving each contestant an equal shot at going on to the Showcase. The lowest winning spin didn't change at all this month either, and this season there wasn't any case (that I saw, at least) of all three contestants spinning the same amount and forcing a triple spinoff.

No Overspins One Overspin Two Overspins
Solo Win 65 45 5
Tied Win 65 75 -
Triple Tie - - -

I can think of a couple minor points which interest me, like whether contestants do better than random chance would predict at getting bonus money after spinning a dollar, but I think it's terribly unlikely that they would --- I just don't see how people would get, in two or three attempts, a good enough feel for the wheel to be able to spin it just right --- but if a good question occurs to me over the summer I may jump back into the counting.

I haven't given it monthly reports, but I did track in the Showcase whether the winning showcase was the first bidder revealed, the second bidder revealed, or neither, since I already had the spreadsheet and there were just these rows of table cells doing nothing. So here's how, for at least Season 41 of The Price Is Right, the winner was tipped off:

First Revealed Second Revealed No Winner
All Showcases 96 67 24
Unforced 46 46 -

To explain the ``Unforced'': sometimes a Showcase bid just has to be revealed first. For example, if a contestant bid a dollar for the Showcase, that has to be revealed first whether the other contestant went over or not; or if one of the contestants won a double showcase, that has to be revealed second. I assumed that if only one contestant overbid, that would be revealed second. So the ``Unforced'' wins are the winning bid when both contestants bid underneath the actual retail price, and neither was so obviously under (as in bidding a dollar) that it wouldn't give the winner away. So, if you're ever on the show, and they reveal your Showcase's actual retail price first, and you're not over, that's a tip off that you probably won. And if the first Showcase revealed went over, it's quite likely that either the other contestant won both showcases or you both overbid. When there's no suspense-related factors to consider, though, apparently they're equally likely to show the winner first or second.

And I think that's the best I can say about the show from my gathered data. Hope you enjoyed.

Trivia: Tokyo citizens rioted eight times between 1905 and 1918. Source: A Modern History of Japan, Andrew Gordon.

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