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Like a seed that is sewn

A week ago Sunday was our wedding anniversary, the first of we hope very many, and as we spent the first days of our wedded bliss in Michigan and our honeymoon in Europe, we chose to spend the 366th and surrounding such days in my ancestral homeland. bunny_hugger did the hard work of making arrangements on a flight, particularly --- Frontier Air will fly you from Detroit to Trenton at a fare so low we actually made money on the deal --- and for an overnight visit to Wildwood, the shore town at the tip of New Jersey's peninsula that I never went to, because I didn't have a prom date to take there after the affair had ended.

First, though, we had to go to Ann Arbor, partly because it's fun visiting there and it'd been too long. This resulted in the discovery that bunny_hugger had left the house without the correct pair of shoes to wear for long times; the ones she had were tolerable, if she were just going around the garden or the like, but would hurt her feet on longer walks. We attempted to find a replacement pair, but this resulted in failures on the shoe front (although we did find some magnificent birthday cards in a Target, and also that a comic book shop is opening in the other part of a strip mall storefront anchored by Target and a bank because yeah, that's totally a natural environment for a comic book shop?).

We thought seriously about driving back home, but toughed it out instead, and took the chance in Ann Arbor to go to Ashley's pub where we had stilton fries and a plate of beer cheeses, and I ran across a something or other beer-based that tasted pretty good to me. Then to next door, and upstairs, into a record shop where bunny_hugger furthered her work in understanding Wall of Voodoo, and finally over to a spot in the Nickels Arcade where we got an adorable little ferret figurine that's found a good home on the bookshelves among other cute little animals.

With this in the trunk we set off for Detroit, in order to find the long-term parking lot and give them our checked bag before an on-time flight. Not to spoil tomorrow's entry, but, yes, we did technically make it through this process alive.

Trivia: By 1900, Michigan had about 6,900 miles of railroad track. Source: Michigan: A History Of The Great Lakes State, Bruce A Rubenstein, Lawrence E Ziewacz.

Currently Reading: Poincaré's Prize: The Hundred-Year Quest To Solve One Of Math's Greatest Puzzles, George G Szpiro.


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