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By a breeze that is blown

It was storms, delaying our flight, with both the takeoff and the landing looking threatened by the weather. I could use a bit of the time to gate-check my duffel bag, at least, and we found some Swedish fish for bunny_hugger's reward for flying, but mostly, it was just waiting nearly an hour to board, and then nearly an hour on the tarmac waiting for the line of planes ahead of us to take off or at least go elsewhere, before a short flight the pilot warned would likely be turbulent (it wasn't, at least not noticeably so, though there were some beautiful cloud formations that suggested weird pockets of air) so that's why there wouldn't be any beverage service except for the water they gave out.

We worried about getting our rental car, since the desk at Trenton's airport keeps very short and intermittent hours and promised to close about the time we actually took off. I promised myself that the hours reflected when scheduled arrivals were, and that if the desk were run by anyone with a mind they'd stay open until the airport's one scheduled plane for that afternoon took off, and I almost believed it.

Despite the flight delays, and the surprising pause it took to get bags onto the adorable little baggage carousel (I was right in saying how how my wife would like the tiny Trenton airport) the rental car desk did stay open, and we got a car with just the one hiccough. The primary driver and the credit card renting it have to be for the same person, and bunny_hugger trusted I'd be the primary driver so her card was ... well, I had my credit card and that's all we needed. After turning down multiple offers of upgraded vehicles we got out with a Dodge Dart which seemed perfectly satisfying to us.

Because of the delays we were getting nearer my parents' home pretty hungry and after the most obvious places to eat were closed. We went to a Shop-Rite, where we thought we could get some sandwiches quickly from the deli counter. No. While we got the sandwiches, it took about a half an hour to make them, and while the Shop-Rite has an entertainingly oddball set of cartoon-farm/factory images hung on the walls, it really just made us a lot hungrier to get home and to see my parents and whatnot.

My parents have been fixing the house up to put on the market. To that end, they rearranged the study and the guest room, so very thoroughly that bunny_hugger initially thought she'd gone into the wrong room. They took some bookshelves, a tall dresser, a short dresser, and a hope chest out, and moved the bed around to the other wall, with the result that the room is a lot more open and bright and airy and ... ah ... there weren't any curtains or blinds on the window, which faces the street. Okay.

Trivia: By the mid-13th century it appears to have been Venetian custom that on his election, the new Doge would be surrounded by the public and have the clothes torn from his back, to signify his humility and clemency, before taking the oath of office and being enrobed. Source: A History Of Venice, John Julius Norwich.

Currently Reading: Poincaré's Prize: The Hundred-Year Quest To Solve One Of Math's Greatest Puzzles, George G Szpiro.

PS: Roger Cotes's Birthday, because it was yesterday.


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