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We are torn, we are shattered

We drove eastwards, towards Belmar, although I started off on a slightly back-roads approach because I was worried about Shore traffic since it was, after all, Saturday and early afternoon and ... actually, not quite a great day. We'd get rained on multiple times, and the occasional torrential downpour would be a companion on our whole visit. But the traffic wasn't bad when we did get to the Interstate and I probably didn't need to have worried.

What we went to Belmar for, first of all, was lunch at Kaya's Kitchen, an all-vegetarian (and often Vegan) restaurant we've had a not quite perfect record at getting to. But they were open that day, to our delight, and bunny_hugger was able to try out the vegetarian version of pork roll, a local pork-inspired kind of sandwich that I didn't realize was local until I left the New Jersey area. She was, it must be admitted, unimpressed with it, but maybe it's something you have to grow into. I had a mixed lemonade and iced tea, which they served in layers, and did my best to keep the layers intact, which it turns out you can do very well if you don't keep moving the straws around.

Afterwards we went for a walk around town which we hadn't really done, and started off by going eastwards, toward the beach. The beach seems like it's about twelve feet away if you're going by car; if you're walking, particularly with as she had shoes that don't quite fit right, it's about eight hundred blocks. We got to the shore and walked on the beach, not so crowded as I expected, and looked at stuff like the curious inflatable Spider-Man hanging from one porch, and started to wander back. This is when we really got poured on, for Saturday anyway, and we had to spend some time hiding under the trees to stay not quite so ridiculously wet.

It dried up, of course, by the time we were back to the car so we walked along the main street in Belmar to poke into antique stores and the other kinds of boutiques that just make up a shore town. At one of them the clerk, possibly the owner (she gave off that vibe), was of course taken with bunny_hugger's chicken purse, as all people are, and delighted to have people from as far away as Michigan visiting our shop. She pointed out an antiques store just up the road, in Allenhurst, where you'd think I'd have noticed before since that's where my barber is, but I didn't remember it. (Another shop had a clerk, apparently the owner, talking about how she had to go overseas for several months starting in July and just hoped the staff she hired wouldn't screw everything up irreversibly.)

Trivia: When William Hull surrendered Fort Detroit to British forces (August 1812) the 47th US Regiment and the Ohio Volunteers stacked 1900 muskets; the Michigan militia and other United Statues units surrendered another 1150. There were also 37 pieces of brass and iron ordnance, four hundred rounds of 24-pound shot, and a hundred thousand cartridges. Source: Union 1812: The Americans Who Found The Second War Of Independence, A J Langguth.

Currently Reading: Robbing The Bees: A Biography of Honey, The Sweet Liquid That Seduced The World, Holly Bishop.


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