austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

Farther down the path was a mystery

I was waiting in line for the ATM at the mall, standing outside a clothing store that has to remain anonymous because I can't figure out where they put their name. It wasn't above the entry, it wasn't on the sides, it wasn't on a sign hanging outside, it wasn't even behind the register. It was just one of the many, many stores selling women's clothing that fill about eighty percent of any mall. I've never really believed that all these stores are needed, that they eventually sell most of those clothes, but capitalism has to be a bigger sham than I think it is to suppose there aren't enough women to support this many expected clothing purchases.

Anyway, a couple teenaged boys cut through the ATM line, and then one of them bumped into one of the (non-aluminum-foil-wrapped) mannequins, knocking it over. The others pleasantly pointed at him and laughed, and he picked up the mannequin and they all walked off. The sales clerk came out from behind the register, straightened out the mannequin's dress, glared at the kids, and went back to the register where she picked up the phone. I hope she wasn't calling security, and if she was, that they go easy on those kids. Unless of course this isn't their first offense.

In other news the department secretary gave me another calendar -- this would be at least the third I've received from campus sources -- a wall poster with the year on it. This is particularly valuable because by some slip of security policies it has the academic calendar on it. Now I know I start teaching next week -- I just don't know what days or hours.

Trivia: Polish intelligence agents deciphered their first German machine-encoded military messages in July 1928. Source: Hijacking Enigma: The Insider's Tale, Christine Large.

Currently Reading: In Memory Yet Green: The Autobiography of Isaac Asimov 1920-1954, Isaac Asimov.


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