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And some of us are barmy and battered

Since we had the time, we did drive up past Asbury Park and into Allenhurst to see the antiques shop, and it was just where described by the antique store lady. It was, as ever, in one of those buildings that yeah, I saw all the time, but just never paid attention to. It was also, according to the sign, closed by the time we got there, but the doors were open and there were people milling around, so we ventured in on the theory that the worst they could do is say sorry, we can't have you right now.

They were closed, or trying to close, but the owner let us wander in for a couple minutes at least. There was a lot of sports memorabilia, and some books and records we didn't get the chance to look over, but we did spot an electric Bullwinkle game that I don't remember anyone talking about in Bullwinkle fandom, but it's hard keeping up with all the many licensed spinoff stuff and not everything is worth noticing. We also got to overhear the guy talking with a customer who was having some excessively complicated problem selling his racist figurines on eBay. If the customer's side is to be trusted, he managed to accidentally attract a crazy stalker as a result of some minor eBay-type dispute about a sale, and now he can't list anything under its correct name without getting an immediate complaint about racist sale items to eBay management.

With the antique shop answered for we went south to Asbury Park and the Silverball Museum, our first summer trip together in a long while. It's a different place in the summer, since you can move without the weight of winter coats and bumping into other people's coats; it's also a busier place since it's literally on the shore. We spent more time than usual playing games, including The Wizard of Oz, which I continue to think is a really awesomely impressive game on pretty much every count, even though this time around my playing was pretty crummy. I just couldn't connect to get any of the really interesting stuff to happen, but the game's interesting enough that even the not-so-interesting stuff is pretty impressive.

But it's nearly always fun to go play pinball, and to play it with bunny_hugger, and I don't know if the day was particularly choice or if it was the good feelings of the whole week --- it was the day before our anniversary, after all --- or the crowd (including a building birthday party) or just all these things coming together, it was an unusually wonderful and happy evening, closing off a happy day.

At night, we found a box fan so as to stir up air in the guest room (it would get cross-ventilation if the door were open, but this would allow the cats in, which allergies prohibit). And I found that the envelope I had for my anniversary card was just too small, by millimeters, to actually fit in, and after a while I had to give up and just accept it wouldn't actually be sealed.

Trivia: Dr D Willard Bliss, the physician in charge of the treatment of President James Garfield after his shooting, refused a share of the (reduced) fee paid to the doctors who tended the President. (Bonus trivia: Bliss's first name was ``Doctor''.) Source: Jerseyana: The Underside Of New Jersey History, Marc Mappen.

Currently Reading: Sibyl Exposed: The Extraordinary Story Behind The Famous Multiple Personality Case, Debbie Nathan. It's all interesting, but I keep getting nagging doubts about ``how could Nathan know this?'' (perhaps it's in the endnotes), and got hung up on the description of Kalamazoo as about a hundred miles east of Ann Arbor.


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