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Sunday was our anniversary, and waking up in one another's arms is just how to start it right. Neatly, we realized we'd both woken (without benefit of alarm clock) pretty close to the hour when we did marry, so that we were able to hold each other and give little tokens strikingly near to the moment we gave one another rings last year. bunny_hugger is beautiful when she writes out of love --- at the other times, too --- but she writes beautifully when it's to me, as well.

We had planned the trip around going to Casino Pier, in Seaside Heights, and hopefully finding some of the rides on the pier back on operation. Casino Pier had hoped to play their part in this, with a planned opening of the parts of the pier not under urgent reconstruction set for Memorial Day ... or a little later ... or a little later yet ... maybe the end of June ... maybe not. We'd accepted at least intellectually that there was almost no chance they were going to have anything open when we went, but I was determined to stay hopeful.

We drove down to the shore and parked in what had been the free municipal lot; they've got automated metered parking there now, so, bleah. It turned out there was plenty of available parking in $5-a-day lots closer to the shore, but we'd have only known that if we'd investigated. No matter. The boardwalk, and the arcades, and the beach, were about as busy as would seem normal; the difference was in Casino Pier --- truncated, and closed --- and FunTown Pier --- gone --- although apparently the water park was open. (We haven't been to it yet.)

If there has been a silver lining to the destruction in Seaside Heights (if!), it's that the Floyd Moreland Carousel not only survived but that the owners were able to get the band organ repaired. For years they've just had up a sign that seemed to claim they had an original band organ playing but didn't quite, which was probably because they were just playing a CD of band organ music. But now, this time, they really had the vintage instrument playing, with all that wonderful mechanism working, and drums drumming and all the noise you might like.

Carousels are pretty much never run fast enough, though I don't think they've slowed the Moreland Carousel down any. But the band organ was definitely slowed: it was playing ``My Country Tis Of The Or Maybe God Save The Queen'' at about half a dirge's pace. bunny_hugger joked that they were slowing the music down so as to not wear out the instruments, although perhaps they were. Or there's more going on than we realized.

It's here, though, at the spot where we got engaged eighteen months before, that I took two bolts from the wild mouse out and gave them to my bride.

Trivia: The Albuquerque Tribune reported on 16 July 1945 that the large explosion that morning had been ``an ammunition magazine, containing high-explosives and pyrotechics'', which ``exploded early today in a remote area of the Alamagordo air base reservation, producing a brilliant flash and blast, which were reported to have been observed as far away as Gallup, 235 miles northwest''. Source: Gunpowder: Alchemy, Bombards, and Pyrotechnics: The History Of The Explosive That Changed The World, Jack Kelly.

Currently Reading: Sibyl Exposed: The Extraordinary Story Behind The Famous Multiple Personality Case, Debbie Nathan.


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