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Monday began with the usual little mix of good and odd and bad news. The odd --- and I believe this was Monday, but it could have been Tuesday and I'll take correction --- was from the neighbor across the street, who normally just runs his little remote-control cars all day and all night to the point you'd think I was exaggerating. Only this time, he was waving and shouting out to every car that passed, with chipper messages like ``have a good day, especially if you're Republican!'' Text can't convey the sort of sneering contempt with which he greeted known or suspected Republicans. I have to imagine there's been a local political flap, but there's no way to learn what unless somebody invents some kind of reporting system for local news. My father went out and chatted with him, not about cars or Republicans, for a while, despite bunny_hugger's fears that engaging with him would just make for a deeper, bigger social mess. That's my father: socially fearless, somehow able to make small talk with people.

The good news was that the weather forecast continued to anticipate a high probability of rain, including a nontrivial chance of thunderstorms, and that intermittent showers would be likely all day. This is superficially bad for people going to an amusement park, but follow the logic: people going to Great Adventure are mostly locals, who don't mind postponing a day or two if the weather looks lousy. So if we wanted to ride lots of stuff, then, weather not quite rotten enough to close rides is exactly what we wanted. It's also just what we got.

But the bad news is the weather scared bunny_hugger's brother out of coming. He's not been to Great Adventure despite living in Brooklyn since before it became hip to move out of Brooklyn. There's an express bus that leaves from Manhattan and drops people right off in the park at 11 am, and we'd hoped he would take it and we could have a fine day riding lots of stuff. He grew cold feet as the day approached, citing weather, and he apparently didn't buy bunny_hugger's argument about why lousy weather is great Serious Park Riding weather. (Rumors come to us that he was actually more worried about the cost, which, if he'd said anything, we'd have covered.) The other party it'd have been fun to go with would be my sister, who was flying in from Missouri, but she'd be arriving Tuesday, just too late for us. Alas.

We got to Great Adventure at almost the same minute that the express bus, which in a nearby universe carried her brother, pulled into the parking lot.

Trivia: The Apollo 11 astronauts were the first observers in space to sight a lunar transient event, an illumination in the Aristarchus region spotted on the 19th of July and confirmed by a Lunar International Observer Network spotter in West Germany. Source: The Apollo Spacecraft: A Chronology, Volume IV, Ivan D Ertel, Roland W Newkirk with Courtney G Brooks. NASA SP-4009.

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