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Getting poured on would be a great bit of crowd control: after that heavy storm during lunch, and some lighter passing storms which we managed to be sheltered for, the park was essentially empty. We would have only two rides all day on which we had any substantial waits, one of them the roller coaster Nitro for some reason (it's a fine roller coaster, but there's bigger marquis names that I'd have expected to get crowds) and the other the New Safari ride.

There were a couple of rides we missed when we were last at the park, because they were closed (one of the many Superman: Ultimate Flight, for example) or they didn't seem to quite appeal (Blackbeard's Lost Treasure Train), and there was one which wasn't there (Green Lantern). We corrected that this time around. Blackbeard's Lost Treasure Train is a little thing, not quite a kid's coaster, but a step up from kiddie coasters, and for some reason it has a train of about 86 cars so it runs mostly empty. It's more fun than its small footprint and odd theme suggest, and they sent us around twice, but the most amusing part to me was the ride operator trying to get packs of kids to follow directions like not jumping over the queue barriers or exiting on the left side of the cars, the left, no, the other left.

Green Lantern is the second ``stand up'' coaster I've been on --- in this you don't have seats, just a harness that swings you around. It's pretty nice for giving the illusion of being one of those superheroes who just stands up and zips through the air, and the harness was easier on my chest than the Super Flight ride at Rye Playland was. (Although this time I also had a cargo pants pocket, and a smaller camera to stuff in it.) The ride unfortunately tries to stick with the Test Pilot theme, which is unfortunate because that made them reproduce the surroundings of those dry lake beds out west where if you can't land, it doesn't matter, because there's nothing in the way and the sand has all turned to natural concrete anyway. So the ride queue is a lot of flat, baked-sand nothing with a mockup plane. This might be appropriate to some version of the Green Lantern's origins (who even knows anymore?) but it's not fun to walk across.

Trivia: While apothecaries in the 17th century Netherlands wore the same outfits as doctors --- black robes and coat, collar bands, and a pointed hat --- their shops were identified by the traditional symbol of a stuffed crocodile hung from the ceiling, typically over the counter. Source: Tulipomania: The Story Of The World's Most Coveted Flower And The Extraordinary Passions It Aroused, Mike Dash.

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