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They're coming to America

The odd thing about the dream -- besides the fact I remembered it -- wasn't that it was set in an airport; with the year I've had what else would I dream of? Odd would be that it featured orv and bluerain as the only people I recognized. Actually only orv I recognized; bluerain was circumspect about saying anything to me, but I eventually reasoned out that who else would orv be travelling with? In any case I saw them wandering about as I rode quite a few people-moving sidewalks in the convenience store.

I was looking for something to read. orv and bluerain were looking for either ``mangoes'' or ``mangroves'' -- they weren't sure which -- but I recognized what they were really looking for was those giant lily pads people used to sit on to get their pictures taken back in Victorian times, and I told them they were in the wrong airport (though there was a small mangrove in this one), and should try John F Kennedy International instead. Actually JFK doesn't have giant lily pads (though last time I was there, they did still have the Concorde departure gate), but I believe the National Zoo in Washington, DC, does, so if they're still looking they should try there.

Since bluerain hadn't introduced himself I was planning to surprise them both by saying bye to them by name just before catching my plane, but I woke up before that. I was a bit annoyed I missed the chance, and also that I didn't realize while asleep it had to be a dream, since why else would there be a mangrove swamp in an airport? Except maybe Chiang Kai Shek International, which would be improved by the addition.

Trivia: Until the reign of Edward III the only Duke in England was the King of England himself (who was also Duke of Aquitaine). Source: Shakespeare's Kings, John Julius Norwich.

Currently Reading: In Memory Yet Green: The Autobiography of Isaac Asimov 1920-1954, Isaac Asimov.


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