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We've been waiting but we're next in line

There wasn't much chance we'd leave the piers before they absolutely forced us to, and after we saw how much and how beautiful everything was it was, of course we kept wandering around and riding things until they closed things up for the night and started turning lights off. We went back to our hotel, such a wonderful little spot, and there discovered ... that ... actually, we didn't have any Wi-fi. bunny_hugger had her Mi-fi device, of course, but it wasn't working correctly, and was in that mode where it could be made to work correctly only by having configurations set by someone who was on the Internet without using the Mi-fi device, which makes perfect sense for a device meant for use by someone who hasn't got a more stable Internet connection. This probably served us, though, since it meant we went to bed early instead of explaining to the whole Internet what we were up to for a couple hours, and left us better-rested for the next day.

For the next day (Wednesday), we went to a diner on the pier to get breakfast, which was great timing on our part as we got in just at the start of a downpour. This could be a good thing, if the storm passed and left us with shortened queue times, or a bad thing, if the storm didn't pass. Our waitress even told us to just wait it out, and we did; another warned bunny_hugger that she had to finish the last of her sandwich, and that just tickled us. The rain did pass, and it would help us have a nice, light-crowd day.

We had checked out of the hotel, but we did want to buy all-day wristbands, which we would need to do online. This is because through the American Coaster Enthusiasts site bunny_hugger could get a big enough discount to be worth it, and my iPad with its AT&T data plan was the best way to do that. The ACE web site wasn't taking her password, though, or even her user name, and it looked like we were dealing with some really major user-identity catastrophe. No, we just went to the wrong web site, is all, as either of us might have noticed if we'd looked at the logo or even read the banner text saying what the site was. From the actual ACE web site, we bought the tickets, and then went off to the customer service desk and got our wristbands.

Trivia: Only twice were post horse riders or stagecoach drivers on the Boston Post Road recorded as being robbed while delivering the mails; both incidents appear to have been inside jobs, rather than stick-ups. Source: The Old Post Road: The Story Of The Boston Post Road, Stewart H Holbrook.

Currently Reading: Colonies in Space, T A Heppenheimer. So ``one of the best'' uses for Project Cyclops (a massive 1971 radio telescope construction project for the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) is that it'd make it easier to contact our interstellar spaceships? OK, Imma gonna stop you right there and explain that of all the problems with our fleet of interstellar spaceships travelling as much as four to ten percent of the speed of light, communicating with them isn't the highest priority must-fix.

PS: Professor Ludwig von Drake Explains Numerical Mathematics, or at least, there's a cute comic strip to read.

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