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Wednesday also gave us what I realized was our fourth day in a row of riding at least one new roller coaster. This would be The Sea Serpent, a very 1984 boomerang-style roller coaster that just goes out, sends you around a couple loops, goes up a hill, and sends you back down the other way. We missed it or something on Tuesday; possibly it wasn't running when we went past, because we kept seeing it out of order on Wednesday too. When we did see it making test runs we darted for the ride and got the credit for that.

Also on the piers is a Flitzer, just as at Jenkinson's Boardwalk, so this roller coaster I don't remember ever riding before (the Roller Coaster Database has records of only 16 existing and five apparently still operating) I rode two examples of in a week. We were better at fitting into this one, thanks to our training earlier in the week. Not only were we both comfortably seated but I was able to massage bunny_hugger's back through the ride.

Our best ride discovery, though, wasn't a roller coaster. It's a flat ride called Kang-A-Bounce. It's a rotating type ride, with cars made to look like kangaroos; you sit in their laps, and over-the-shoulder harnesses descend to keep you in place. As the ride spins, each kangaroo car pops out, and up, on one of the spokes, and you bounce down several times, just in time to get to the next big bounce up. It's really thrilling, a magnificent ride, and almost certainly an update of the once-popular and weirdly-named ``flying coaster'' type ride. This is a magnificent flat ride and if you have the chance to ride one, take it, even if you have to leave the computer now and go find a park that has one.

We had hoped to make yet another ride on their wooden coaster, The Great White, our last coaster ride of the trip. It disappointed us by being out of service when we went to it, and we didn't think we had the time to wait for the hour when it might reopen or just stay down for the night (as it was getting on 10 pm, and they close at midnight). So our last actual ride was a walk through a funhouse maze that was really long, pretty involved, and which we didn't quite get through without the help of a ride attendant, though bunny_hugger had worked out correctly where we should've gone when we got stuck. The exit to this --- the only one we could find and I believe the only one there is --- is labelled from the outside as the chicken exit, which I have to say is unfair since we didn't chicken out.

We didn't think we had quite enough time to wait out the roller coaster, or through to midnight; it'd be something like two hours to get back to my parents' home and there were things we were doing the next day. So, after a stop at the wonderful neon-lit Wawa for refueling (gasoline, coffee, and tea), we drove back. This was, bunny_hugger noted, the first time she's actually driven in New Jersey. Usually she's let me drive as we were on my home turf, but, she wanted to relieve me of some of the driving effort and I was happy with that.

So we made our way north, passing Margate with just a vague nagging memory that there was something interesting about it. (The Elephant, of course, although we probably wouldn't have had the best view of it late at night.) And the radio played a lot of Guns and Roses, which it'd been doing all week for whatever reason. And somehow we got home without ever taking a jughandle left, which is a pity, as we wanted to see how the satellite navigator explained the maneuver (``in point two miles, turn left onto Coxs Cro Road, on right''?). And we arrived home to find that my sister had got into town, exactly as planned, and she was sleeping on the sofa, which we hadn't expected and so made us get bed-ready more quietly than usual.

Trivia: The average human body contains about six ounces of salt. Source: The Great Hedge of India, Roy Moxham.

Currently Reading: The World Of Jimmy Breslin, Jimmy Breslin.

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