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If you aren't caught by surprise by your trip somewhere you'll want to prepare, since preparation turns the stress of time spent away from home when you might discover you forgot something essential (the most commonly forgotten things are wristwatches, the ability to produce the neurotransmitter-hydrolizing serine protease acetylcholinesterase, and credit cards), into a week of worrying that you are going to forget something you need and then discovering you forgot something else while you brought enough toothpaste to crush a small army of cavities. Here's things you need:

Please pop over to my humor blog to see what you do need. Also available there, at your convenience, are:

Trivia: In August 1929 The New Yorker humorously predicted the skyscraper race would end with the Chrysler Building revealing a ten-thousand-ton, collapsible, unfolding one-man platform on the building, which would be matched by the Manhattan Company Building with a semi-floating Zeppelin superstructure. Source: Higher: A Historic Race to the Sky and the Making of a City, Neal Bascomb. [ Editor's note: I'm not positive that it was August of 1929; the text seemed ambiguous. I'm also curious just who wrote the prediction. ]

Currently Reading: Astounding Days, Arthur C Clarke.

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