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You might not believe this but I forgot something from the Wildwood trip report. This was in the buying of souvenirs. I was thinking to get a T-shirt, since they're practical and fun and I could maybe wear it on the planned amusement park trip we'd be going on. bunny_hugger tries to get a ride T-shirt from every park she visits, too, and she settled on one for the Sea Serpent which was not her favorite ride but was certainly her favorite shirt design.

I picked one that spoke of the coaster challenge and had checkboxes for each of the six roller coasters at Morey's Piers. We had ridden them all, of course. The cashier then started to explain how they were having a contest of some kind where you should check off on the shirt all the rides you've been on, and somehow do something where you get the picture to Facebook, or at least to their page on Facebook, and then there's some kind of prize awarded to whoever had the most popular picture taken, and this leads to something, presumably good, even if you don't have a Facebook page (which I haven't). I'm sorry to be vague about this, but I didn't quite get what this was all about to start with. I thought, when the cashier took out a marker, that she was going to have me tick off the rides I had, and take a picture of me wearing the shirt right then and there, but then she just put the shirt and the marker in a plastic bag and rang up the total.

So I haven't got exactly straight just what it is we're supposed to do, and it happens that I didn't tick off the rides we'd been on the first two times I've worn the shirt. On the other hand, we got a free marker out of the deal, and it's even one labelled Morey's Piers. Who has that kind of souvenir, besides everyone else who's bought the shirt?

The shirt, incidentally, does list all the roller coasters, with a typo: the wild mouse Doo-Wopper is spelled out as ``Doo woo per''. The logo style, a very late-50s car brand, probably obscures the transformation of an o into a p, but still, it's very clear at the ride how it should be spelled, and the shirt gets it wrong. Which is great.

Trivia: In August 1898 the Trans-Mississippi Exposition featured a mock battle between, on the one side, cowboys and (businessmen impersonating) ``friendly'' Indians, and on the other ``hostile'' Indians played by Indian Congress delegates to the exposition. The ``battle'' ended with the defeated ``hostile'' Indians being taken to a reservation. It would be repeated after the success of the first show. Source: 1898: The Birth Of The American Century, David Traxel.

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