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Which shines around me like a million suns

The Universe: Where is it, how old is it, what has it been up to, and let's just fill in who is it to round out the opening sentence here? These are undeniably fine questions, what with their existing and seeming to be the sorts of things there should be answers for, or to.

The remainder of this week's entry is over at my humor blog. Also appearing this week are:

Trivia: The first large-scale mail-order merchant appears to have been Charley Thompson of Bridgeport, Connecticut, who in the July 4, 1866 New York Tribune first advertised his ``Trust Scheme'' in which, in exchange for a quarter, buyers would receive a package of stationery, a pencil, and a piece of unusual jewelry. Thompson was thirteen at the time. Source: The Grand Emporiums: The Illustrated History Of America's Great Department Stores, Robert Hendrickson.

Currently Reading: Vanished Kingdoms: The Rise And Fall Of States And Nations, Norman Davies.

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