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Open your eyes, 'cause the greatest day in your life is here

[ Sorry to be late; was helping the in-laws in setting up their new computer. New computers are great except for the hard parts of setting them up. ]

The impossible has happened.

(Which is why I'm postponing the second part of our Wednesday in the Traverse City area, since this takes a higher priority.)

Knoebels has, after many years and many false starts, opened its Flying Turns roller coaster. Rumors started flying (turning? rolling?) fast on Friday with pictures of actual normal people on test runs, and then by the evening we started seeing all sorts of tweets about how they had opened it. But all the pictures we could see were of the same test-run passengers, so we supposed it was that usual thing on the Internet where people say stuff happened so as to get their firsties and then worry about whether they're right. Almost exactly as I was posting a humor bit inspired by this, though, I found a tweet from East Coast Coasters which proved unmistakably that they were riding. The ride was, on Friday night, opened up to American Coaster Enthusiast members for the event. (They also got a point-of-view camera ride, at night, and in a light rain.) Today, finally and officially, it opened to the public.

This has got us in a fix, since we've been so waiting for the ride and it is only eight hours away and what if something unthinkable happens and they have to close the ride and never open it again? Something akin to that happened to bunny_hugger when an amusement park opened with Christmas decorations one December, and she wasn't able to make it but promised to make it next year, and they haven't opened for Christmas again. But we can't figure how we possibly could get there for any of the seven remaining operating days they have this season. For all the temptation of this ... well, they have to open the ride next season. They just have to.

My sister put what I imagine is unintended extra pressure by pointing out how much closer we are to it than she is, and talking up the prospect of going for a spontaneous visit, and just ... no. It has to wait for next season. That's the horrible fact of it.

Dear bunny_hugger has more but similar thoughts about this impossibility.

Trivia: Efficiency expert Frank Gilbreth asserted ``Anyone who sees a white typewriter wants to type on it. Don't ask me why. It's psychology.'' Source: The Iron Whim: A Fragmented History of Typewriting, Darren Wershler-Henry.

Currently Reading: Road to Revolution, Avrahm Yarmolinsky.

PS: The Mathematics Of A Pricing Game, a tiny bit inspired by The Price Is Right's new pricing game.

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