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Remember what the doormouse said

In other news, we've got a mouse. We'd had one that was living in and around the garage most of this year, that we spotted usually when we opened the garage door so we could get bird or squirrel seed out and we'd see it run across the back of the garage. A couple times we also saw it going out to the area beneath the bird feeder, which makes sense as there's a lot of loose seeds shed around there. So a mouse in the garage makes a great deal of sense and we don't mind that.

This one bunny_hugger spotted from the corner of her eye one night while we were in the dining room. She wasn't sure she'd see it and I missed it too. But she saw it again, in the kitchen --- it leapt into that strange space where mice go to vanish --- and then an hour or so later we both heard it nibbling on something from inside there.

A couple days of setting out traps has revealed, though, that this is going to be a difficult mouse. For one, he's noisy. Like, you know where mice are supposed to be stealthy? This one's about as secret as a marching band. As his willingness to tromp around in the dining room while we're in it and the lights are on might suggest, he's not concerned about being noticed, and last night I saw him hopping frantically up to climb into one of the kitchen drawers. Also, he's passed up on the traps, which we'd baited with peanut butter, which mice normally find to be about the best thing ever except for ... the squeaky running wheel we also set in the kitchen. A normal mouse will go up to four miles out of his way to run on a wheel; this one has barely given it a look.

What the heck is going on that we've got an inefficient mouse?

At least this explains what the mouse is doing inside, anyway. He was obviously exiled from the garage by the mice who know what they're doing.

Trivia: Britain's 1957 ZETA (Zero-Energy Thermonuclear Assembly) pinch-model fusion device cost less than a million dollars to build; for a few weeks it seemed to be a practical energy-generating fusion device. Source: Sun In A Bottle: The Strange History of Fusion and the Science of Wishful Thinking, Charles Seife.

Currently Reading: 1877: America's Year Of Living Violently, Michael E Bellesiles.


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