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We Love the Halls of Ivy That Surround Us Here Today

Good afternoon and I'd like to thank everyone for attending this State of the University address. I'm sorry it's going to be a little ragged but I kind of have to patch up the parts where the Public Relations department told me I couldn't use words like that in public. I think they're being a little ... well, I mean, we all use words like that sometimes, right? Well. Anyway.

The remainder is over on my humor blog. Also posted there since last week's brief about ``Did We Need Spaceships All this Fast, Really? were:

Please do enjoy and let folks know if you do.

Trivia: In 1946 the Lithuanian camp for (Jewish) Displaced Pesons in Flensberg, Germany, opened a maritime academy. The Estonians established an agricultural college near L¨beck. Source: The Long Road Home: The Aftermath Of The Second World War, Ben Shephard.

Currently Reading: The Origins Of Interventionism: The United States And The Ruso-Finnish War, Robert Sobel.

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