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Come Save Me From Walking Off A Windowsill

``I can't help sensing a certain coolness in you toward me,'' the savage, bloodthirsty monster said.

I agreed with our pet rabbit. ``Well, I have felt a bit put off by you lately.''

``It wasn't my fault!'' He shook his head, flapping his ears together, in that way that starts out being dramatic and ends up comic because, you know, rabbit ears flapping. ``I didn't have any choice when you went and attacked my tail.''

I have the remainder of this dialogue up at my humor blog. Other pieces that have run in the week since The State of the University have been:

Trivia: French commerce between the Metropole and its colonies rose from about ten percent of all external trade before World War I to about 27 percent by the late 1930s. Source: The Vulnerability of Empire, Charles A Kupchan.

Currently Reading: Sputnik and the Soviet Space Challenge, Asif A Siddiqi.

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