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And after a hard day sorting out the files

[ Sorry to be late. We were off seeing Sparks in concert. Also, it turns out Sparks is touring selected bits of North America this week. ]

It's my dear bunny_hugger's birthday, and I'm happy. She worries sometimes about the changes that being with her brought to my life --- mostly, that it's taken me away from my home state, and the routine of things that I might be doing in real life instead of settling into mid-Michigan and following her on adventures, possibly disrupting the track that might've got me back into academia as I left adjuncting behind.

But she shouldn't fear. First, I love being with her. And she hasn't taken me away from anything I wasn't willing to walk away from. And for all that she might worry that she's making me do things to interest her regardless of what I might like, the truth is, I like an awful lot of what she does, and it's very easy to get into the things she nudges me into trying.

My time with her has been one that's expanded my habits and my imagination and my knowledge and the number of things that I like. She gives me chances every day to be more than I have, and nearly all those chances work out very well. I'm happy, just about all the time. The only time that I'm not, really, is when she's miserable and I can't think of any consolation or even distraction.

She gives me all these wonderful days, and all she asks back is that I pay attention to her. It's a great arrangement. And I'm so happy about it.

I hope it's a happy birthday, my love.

And in unmistakably happy news: we had the net off the pond yesterday, to clean leaves off of it, and we saw several of the baby fish! There's at least several who survived and who, we trust, are going to make it until we bring them in for the winter. The days are less grave than they seemed.

Trivia: In a single day of November 1861 Lammont du Pont, on his uncle Henry du Pont's orders, bought every ounce of saltpeter available in England and contracted for further shipments coming from India, a total of 3.4 million pounds made unavailable for Confederate purchase. Source: Gunpowder: Alchemy, Bombards, and Pyrotechnics: The History Of The Explosive That Changed The World, Jack Kelly.

Currently Reading: The Outdoor Amusement Industry, William F Mangels.


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