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And it's official: my parents signed the contract. In about a month or so, they'll move out of central New Jersey and go to I don't know where, and I don't believe they do either.

So let me turn to the fantastically unemotional subject of The Price Is Right. They played ``Pay The Rent'' for the first time this season last Wednesday, and the contestant got out with $5,000 though she could have got $10,000 from the placement. The items were: Marinara Sauce ($2.29), Fanta Grapefruit Soda ($4.99), Quick Grits ($1.79), Olay Body Wash ($6.49), M&Ms ($0.89), and Cheez-Its ($4.39). The contestant put the M&Ms on the first level (for $0.89 on the level); then the Cheez-Its and Grits on the second ($6.18); then the Body Wash and Marinara Sauce ($8.78); and then the Soda ($4.99).

After the one $100,000 win the game's allowed the game seems to have gone to extra-vicious: there's just the one winning combination. That's the Marinara Sauce on the first level ($2.29); then the Soda and M&Ms ($5.88); then the Cheez-Its and Grits ($6.18); finally the Body Wash ($6.49). If I haven't missed one this means the game's gotten the grand prize once in its 34 runs (although a second person could have got the big prize and bailed out).

Also, what the heck, the Showcase Showdown wins, from the start of the season and including a couple of episodes that were done in August for various special reasons even though they were actually recorded last season:

First Second Third
Month 20 20 26
Season 15 14 4

I'd also started tracking again whether the Showcase winner was the first-revealed or the second-revealed Showcase and let me share that:

First Revealed Second Revealed Double Overbid
All 15 14 4
Unforced 3 10 -

The ``All'' is just what it says, all the results of Showcase reveals. The ``Unforced'' row is the one where there's obviously a free choice about which to show first: where there was just the one overbid (nearly invariably the second revealed), or where there wasn't a double showcase winner (that winning bid is also nearly inevitably the second revealed), or where neither bid was for a dollar (always the first revealed), or so on. There might be other influences behind how the show does things and I'll try to mention when I notice them. There were a lot of double overbids in the straggler episodes aired in August for whatever reason, too.

Trivia: Boss Tweed paid about $60,000 for help to make his getaway from jail in 1876. Source: The Epic Of New York City, Edward Rob Ellis.

Currently Reading: The Outdoor Amusement Industry, William F Mangels. It's impressive how much Mangels, who was such a big part of the amusement industry (he created the Whip and the Tickler, among many other rides) keeps himself out of the book. There's only about two points in it where he lets any hint that this is something he was part of slip through. I admire his striving for impartiality and to not puff himself up beyond what an objective observer would say was his due, but it's almost eerie to get a total of one anecdote about his career in a book about his profession.

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