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I would like you to dance

[ Sorry to be late. We were at a local fury gathering, bowling and then Steak-and-Shake, and it ran longer than expected. Also at bowling gettogethers we need to have separate lanes reserved for the people who are there to bowl and those who are there to hang out while bowling goes on around them because having us in the same group is not working. ]

The wristbands gave us five activities over the course of the night and we saved two of them for the second round of miniature golf and for a final roller coaster ride. I'd had a vague notion that having the roller coaster be our last activity would be particularly nice. The plan was foiled by the center announcing that the last roller coaster (and go-kart) rides would be in five minutes (or so) and if you wanted, go now. This spoiled our game of air hockey, which we'd just started, and that after having to call over an attendant because the machine ate our quarters the first time around. It turns out an air hockey table just won't wait through the time it takes to leave the arcade, go out to the roller coaster at the end of the center's property, ride, thank the operators, and walk back. Who knew?

(We'd also played some Dance Dance Revolution, at which bunny_hugger was reasonably good and at which I achieved mediocrity on the easiest level. There's moves on the not-quite-easiest level I'd like to try doing, but I also know I can't keep up with the game's Very Minimally Not The Easiest level so I don't know what to do about it. Maybe I should play more and get up to competently inept.)

There's always oddities when we do something; one that we noticed was how our first round of miniature golf was our typical slow, methodical, lingering sort of play. We're both inclined to soaking in the moment and we encourage that in each other. Even though there was a light crowd we still got to let a couple groups go ahead of us. The second round, near the end of the night, was much quicker, almost --- by our standards --- hurried. This surely reflects that we didn't spend nearly as much time reading holes and considering the problems of how to lay them out and re-playing difficult holes to see how we might do them better. (We didn't use this as a chance to improve our scores, just to practice playing better.)

We did go out for dinner, rather than get warmed-over pizza at the center, at a Japanese restaurant which is almost in sight of the center and surprisingly difficult to navigate back from. It was a nice spot done in a Clearly Used To Be A Fast Food Chain Restaurant, Possibly Pizza Hut, style, and almost distressingly efficient at bringing out soup and sushi and everything. It didn't feel rushed exactly but the normal pauses between things just weren't there. And yet over the course of our meal, which I don't think took more than about 45 minutes, the place went from empty to full up; I guess they know how long they can let customers sit there soaking in the atmosphere. Anyway, now we have a designated spot to get dinner next time we're over there.

Trivia: Beginning in 1963 NASA's Ames Research Center upgraded its IBM 7090 machines to a complex called a Direct Couple System, with a 7094 at its heart. The system was declared surplus in 1974, with a value of $1.6 million. Source: A History Of Modern Computing, Paul E Ceruzzi.

Currently Reading: The Taste Of War: World War II and the Battle for Food, Lizzie Collingham.


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