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Deck the patch with orange and black

Moving forward now into October: we planned to go to Cedar Point for Halloweekend, not on the Columbus Day weekend because we'd learned that everyone in northwestern Ohio and southern Michigan crams into the park at once for them (as they did two years ago, and apparently did this year, based on agonized tweets and Facebook postings we saw about the crowd). We wanted to go as close to Halloween as we could, but ruled out the weekend of the 26th because we thought that bunny_hugger's parents' town might be having trick-or-treating that Saturday and we wanted to go down and hand out candy while in costume. So, the weekend of the 19th it was. This turned out to be unnecessary as my parent-in-laws' town decided to hold trick-or-treating on the actual day of Halloween, which, while logically justifiable, meant we couldn't be there (we had Lansing's trick-or-treating to tend), and which was announced so late we couldn't possibly have planned around it. The town figures out when to have its trick-or-treating every year and annoyingly close to Halloween; it'd save everyone a lot of bother if they had a predictable policy or if they made a decision a month ahead. Anyway.

We had some errands to run before we could get to the park, though, mostly in getting haircuts. bunny_hugger was annoyed at the length of her hair, and I was getting to where a haircut wouldn't be a bad idea even if it weren't strictly necessary. (Bear in mind, I once went eight months without a haircut and achieved a look which can best be described a ``Abominable Snowman With An Anti-Technology Manifesto'' or possible ``Torgo Going Down In The World''. But I was an undergraduate then and I rarely go more than a half-year between cuts anymore.) We used the hair salon at the nearby mall, the one with the bookstore where bunny_hugger occasionally works, and used the chance to browse around and be tempted by books without getting any, and to discover how they're just moving everything around again, apparently in the hopes that people will buy more stock if they're afraid it's flowing after them. This meant I was turning my back already on the barber shop by campus where I'd been getting trims since moving in, but, I don't think I've got a formal hair-cutting relationship with them yet. I still haven't let on with my barber back east about anything because I can't bear to break his heart.

We ate at the mall (I'd thought we might eat on the road, possibly in the vicinity of Ann Arbor where there's a Jersey Mike's), at a Chinese restaurant food stall that had a tofu platter. I didn't think anything particular about this, but last time we'd gotten a meal at the food court bunny_hugger went to that stall and they told her they no longer had that tofu platter. Apparently she'd misunderstood or they'd miscommunicated and they just meant they were out of it that day, and it wasn't gone for good. That's good, certainly, although that last time the place had improvised some vegetable medley that bunny_hugger liked and apparently that hasn't ended up part of their menu.

Trivia: Kentucky's southern border, derived from Virginia's colonial charter, was theoretically a straight line at 36 degrees 30 minutes north longitude. Most of it, surveyed by Dr Thomas Walker (physician, merchant, manufacturer, explorer, and land speculator), ran several miles north of this line. Kentucky and Tennessee settled on a line roughly midway between the nominal border and the surveyed line in 1802 and finally settled by the Supreme Court in 1891. Source: How The States Got Their Shapes, Mark Stein.

Currently Reading: The Number Sense: How The Mind Creates Mathematics, Stanislas Debaene.

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