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We know you're rooting for us

[ Backdated, but written the 15th of January, as my obsessive-compulsive disorder overlords dictate. ]

So I made -- after an atypically long break for me -- a trip to the Singapore Zoo, to marvel at the New White Tiger Exhibit and try to figure what, exactly, was different from how it used to be. (Beats me.) The lemurs were all hiding, except one ringtailed who hung around the elevated porch people could walk out and see bats from, and one of those poofy white models that yelled at a bush. I assume something was inside.

Most curious was that the rabbit enclosure was, still, closed for renovations. I first noticed it was closed last January, and it's been closed every time I've visited over the past year. I can't imagine bunnies being so demanding as to need a year of repairs on their home, and if the zoo just doesn't want to show off rabbits anymore I'd rather they just admitted it. It's the suspense that gets me.

Trivia: In 1850 no railroads entered Chicago. By 1857 nine connected Chicago to the Mississippi river. Source: A New History of the United States, William Miller.

Currently Reading: The Paper: The Life and Death of the New York Herald Tribune, Richard Kluger.


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