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She is but a shadow of her former self

bunny_hugger and I are figuring on being with the local science fiction group to watch Big Sloppy Incoherent Timey-Wimey Blob of Doctor Who Fanservice tomorrow and fanservice it turns out is in the Apple Dictionary for some reason and I figure it's certain to have bunny_hugger and possibly me stabby at various points. It just now struck me that I should write down some predictions of stuff that's going to get her off in the corner of the room rage-tweeting about the show. (Please note I've been as un-spoilered as possible, to the extent that I haven't even seen the trailers yet, although I did see that Eighth Doctor webisode in which McGann was appealing but then got smothered under a thick layer of Stephen Moffatt's usual stuff.) My guesses:

  • River Song. She's going to get me stabby too, because River Song.
  • The very idea of the existence of the universe being endangered, possibly by several attack vectors of Whonobabble at once.
  • Eleven trying to undo stuff that Eight and a Half did and breaking the universe that way too.
  • Eleven getting digitally inserted into Classic Who footage.
  • River Song and Clara making catty statements about how they have to treat the Doctor like a little child.
  • The Doctor's birth.
  • Eleven getting to take the place of one of the Classic Seven Doctors in digitally mashed-up footage.
  • Ten popping up in Classic Who footage.
  • Possibly every Doctor there ever was or will be complaining about how hard it is that he has to gallivant around the universe as an immortal time-traveller while his Companions don't and the foolish minor characters who help him out get killed for their efforts.
  • Clara's time-smear stuff means she gets to spear-carry in multiple timelines at once as part of undoing the Whonobabble attack plan.
  • The start of the Time War, its purposes, and its details laid out in excruciating detail.
  • Ten or possibly Eight talking about his looking forward to meeting Clara.
  • The regeneration limit being brought up so as to be dismissed as no longer important, possibly because of Whonobabble.

I'm morbidly curious to see how many of these pan out. Well, I'm really, really sure about River Song and the end of even the idea of a universe.

Trivia: The vaudeville act of Smith and Dale (loose inspiration for the characters in The Sunshine Boys), Joe Sultzer [ Smith ] and Charles Marks [ Dale ] adopted those stage names because joe Sulzer's brother found a printer who had made up calling cards for a vaudeville act of that name which changed their billing. Source: The Encyclopedia of Vaudeville, Anthony Slide.

Currently Reading: The Great Arc: The Dramatic Tale Of How India Was Mapped And Everest Was Named, John Keay.

PS: Emile Lemoine, about a person I didn't know of before but who did something interesting.


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