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Don't eat no buttered scones

Obviously, Halloween came next, but I wrote about that when it happened. So the next thing I'd done worth being committed to Livejournal memory is bunny_hugger's birthday. Unfortunately her actual birthday was a class day so we couldn't bundle it into a unified grand event however much that'd be wonderful. It got smeared out a bit and produced some wonderful stuff by virtue of that.

For example, we got to the Sparks concert in Pontiac, as already journalled, and which was not just great because we had the chance to go there the night before her birthday, and because it was a great show, but because we learned it would be a spectacularly rare event. While they tour a lot, Sparks mostly tours Europe. On the rare occasion when they tour North America they tend to spend more time on the west coast (they come from Los Angeles). This was apparently the first time they'd played in Michigan in at least twenty years. How did the stars align that the first concert bunny_hugger could plausibly have attended was the night nearest her birthday when she could have best been there?

Her parents came up a couple days later, for her birthday and to celebrate their anniversary. We went to what's regarded as one of Lansing's hippest restaurants, the kind that serve what's called New American cuisines because then you can use goat milk for a grilled cheese sandwich with a straight face. Her mother was worried she'd be too obviously out of place in a hipster-friendly environment. But we were eating early in the evening, and we had bunny_hugger to serve as our hipster chaperone, what with the big glasses and resemblance to her brother.

If there's a weakness to the place it's that they don't have very many different vegetarian dishes. If there's a strength it's soups; I had, I think, a butternut squash soup that came topped with whipped cream, like it was a dessert, and was one of those things that fill you warmly from the inside out. We got pretty sated, spoiling plans for dessert, but that's not a bad way to be spoiled.

Trivia: In the April 1769 by-election in Middlesex John Wilkes defeated Henry Lawes Luttrell by a vote of 1143 to 296. The House of Commons declared Luttrell duly elected, on the grounds Wilkes (then an outlaw) was unfit to sit in Parliament. Source: George III, Christopher Hibbert.

Currently Reading: The Secret History of the World, Mark Booth.


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