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When the world crashes in to my living room

Tonight on Channel 5's new hit Police And Thief -- the line in the writers guide that former thief Tok Kong is a hair stylist finally pays off when Tok concludes he's tired of cutting hair of quarrelsome elderly gentlemen for seven dollars per and getting haggled down to 6.75, and he leaps at the chance when salon magnate Georgy Gan offers the chance to join his superteam. But! Will a thoughtless invite to a home-cooked meal turn catastrophic for the whole deal? Will Tok Kong be able to get Sergeant Dollah, police, and excellent chef, to make a meal satisfying both Dollah's strict standards and Georgy's complex dietary restrictions? And will Tok be able to adjust to the high-pressure life at a super-salon? And, finding the whole deal falling apart, will Tok laugh off the offer of the quarrelsome elderly gentleman who keeps haggling him down to 6.75 for the cut to buy his little salon for one million dollars, ripping up his check only to learn the man's the father of Georgy Gan?

I honestly like the show, and a lot of local sitcoms. They may be dopey in a One Day At A Time way, but knowing all the beats of the show makes it easier to pay attention to the localisms -- the Singlish, the regional variations, the squabbling over tax policy that sneaks its way in (really). A Video CD set of some sitcoms wouldn't be a bad way to get a feel for the island.

Trivia: When the 1858 Transatlantic Telegraph Cable died after several weeks of activity, some claimed the cable and all messages sent on it had been faked. Source: A Thread Across The Ocean: The Heroic Story of the Transatlantic Cable, John Steele Gordon.

Currently Reading: The Green Man, Kingsley Amis.


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