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You had on the latest fashion; it was a bigger distraction

Making impressions is important, because reputation is the modern currency, the old currency of getting paid having been discontinued when employers found out they were expected to do the paying. So I want to talk about how to tell if you're making a bad impression. And I have to explain that I'm talking about the impression you make on a hypothetical person who hasn't got any fixed properties, including existence. Thing is I'm sticking to the male pronouns for this person not because I don't think women can be hypothetical but because when I read this over, imagining me having these interactions with someone female, it comes across as pretty skeevy. I'm trying to make a less skeevy impression.

I'd be appreciative of your reading the rest of this over at my humor blog. Among the humor pieces added to that since last week's thing about YouTube pretending I was aware of a viral video early in its epidemic cycle, which has to be a fib because I have never been in on anything early except Marvel's New Universe comics, are:

Trivia: Candy bars introduced in the early years of the Great Depression include the Chicken Dinner, the Idaho Spud, the Big Eats, and the PayDay bar. Source: Sweets: A History of Temptation, Tim Richardson.

Currently Reading: Joseph Henry: His Life And Work, Thomas Coulson.

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