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Later on we'll conspire

As the timing suggests, this gets us up to Thanksgiving. We were hosting again, as part of tradition, despite a moment where we thought we might go to bunny_hugger's parents' home rather than make them drive through a potential snowstorm. The snowstorm didn't really happen, so, that's well enough.

We did have more than the usual stress getting ready, because we couldn't organize a proper shopping trip until the day before, and the day before Thanksgiving is not a day anyone sensible does their shopping because (a) everybody in the world is in the store (b) which closes early. Given the choice we might shop after 9 pm; none of that this day. An extra bit of stress came from trying to find the Quorn-based entree, since Meijer just doesn't carry that sort of thing in our area. There's a Kroger nearby our main Meijer that got a bit of upscale treatment and has those sections with wood-grain shelves and pyramids that don't form long aisles and so on, where we expected to find the Quorn loaf, and they didn't have it. Well, of course. As the hour advanced and we worried about the health food stores closing up we got to the Better Health store, which, yes, had Quorn loafs and the beefless beef jerky which bunny_hugger uses as reward after long stressful days of mouse-trapping and crowd-based food shopping.

The day itself was happy and reasonably peaceful, even given the extra mouse. bunny_hugger's father was particularly fascinated by the mice, both the male one who had caught on to running the wheel quickly, and the female one who was still in the translucent, smaller bin and popcorning and thumping.

We also got to enjoy a good, long-lasting fire. The neighbor gave us the use of a lot of wood (from a fallen tree) that's been mouldering in their yard; a couple times this autumn I went and chopped pieces. Her parents were delighted that some of the wood was clearly ones I'd cut, including a particularly stubborn Y-shaped log that I called famous. Getting it into burnable shape took a lot of work and it was satisfying to watch burn.

One of the local stations aired not just the Silver Bells parade, but also re-aired it early Thanksgiving morning. We recorded it so bunny_hugger's parents could see what they had missed (apart from the cold) and picked up some information about things like how they balance the state tree (the trunk fits into a hole, and they use wooden wedges to balance and secure it) and how many lights are a minimum requirement on each float (five thousand). As far as we can tell we were never on camera, but I got to see the mayor this time.

It was about four days to finish the main leftovers, although we'd forgot about some fruit salad and things like that so had traces for a week and more.

Trivia: In 1884, Frank Woolworth tried opening a 25 cent store in Reading, Pennsylvania. It failed to earn sufficient profits. Source: The Grand Emporiums: The Illustrated History of America's Great Department Stores, Robert Hendrickson.

Currently Reading: King of Infinite Space: Donald Coxeter, The Man Who Saved Geometry, Siobhan Roberts.


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