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I'll make you sparkle, just you wait and see

Christmas decorating took bits of a couple of evenings, some because it was also the end of an extremely time-consuming and demanding semester that ate up every second of bunny_hugger's time, and because she's got a wonderfully large set of Christmas decorations. She's wonderful with holidays, with celebrations; one of the great things about being in her life is that she makes everything to celebrate more so.

We had a couple of the usual sorts of problems, like, running out of Christmas lights. Well, we had the lights yet, but a distressing number of the strands had (a) wound around one another as if trying to strangle their opponents, and (b) gone dead as apparently they strangled one another. We had one of those gadgets that's supposed to detect the broken lights in a strand, and were never sure that it was working right, because every bulb seemed to either be both dead and not dead on successive sensor checks. I went to the hardware store and bought a couple new strands, including the kind that keep working if just one bulb goes out.

Also needed were plastic clips. We like to have some light strands around the doors, and use transparent plastic clips for them, and some of those clips had worn themselves almost dead with age. Also some of them weren't plastic clips stuck to the wall so much as staples in the wall. I found a couple packs of such clips in the hardware store and didn't just replace all the staples and broken clips. Some of the clips had open ends facing forward, some facing backward, and in a moment of plastic clip surplus we took the inconsistent ones off so all the clips open in the same direction.

The tree, also, we were able to decorate with a memorial of our remarkable Pennsylvania Parks Tour, and other, many, amusement park visits this year. If I haven't missed the count we had fifteen new park ornaments on the tree this year, including the Knoebels Flying Turns ornament that holds our promise to visit that park and that new-made historic ride next summer.

Trivia: Gull Island, a five-acre island off Northport, Michigan, soundly colonized by herring gulls and cormorants, has been known since 1853 as Trout Island, Fish Island, Fisher Island, and (its official name) Bellow Island. Source: Michigan Curiosities: Quirky Characters, Roadside Oddities, and Other Offbeat Stuff, Colleen Burcar.

Currently Reading: The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, January/February 2014, Editor Gordon van Gelder.

PS: Reading the Comics, December 29, 2013, the regular roundup a little bit early.


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