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Every day was a cloudy day for me

Ahead of Christmas we had, well, the crush of bunny_hugger's end of semester, and couple of days spent working at the bookstore which she does because she's the sort of person who sensibly works in a bookstore when not professing. She had also agreed to pick her brother up from the Grand Rapids airport when he arrived, early in the morning. She was getting ready to start the hour-long drive to that airport when he texted her: his plane had been cancelled. They had been on the runway and then United cancelled his flight, citing, reasons.

He hoped to get a standby flight sometime in the afternoon, for a series of attempts that failed spectacularly. He ended up spending the day sitting in the airport, waiting for teasing hints of a flight to someday come, only to get a flight arriving in Detroit at midnight. Since his original flight had been horribly early, he hadn't got much sleep the night before, and he spent the day running around the airport chasing chances that didn't pan out, and losing his phone charger, and while it's a blasted pain to drive to Detroit, especially in the heavy fog that we were suffering, we must admit he had it quite the worse.

He'd hoped to get to his, and bunny_hugger's, parents' home, so he could sleep in a familiar bed. But this was getting to be much too late --- we didn't get into our house until after 2 am --- and the temptation of our guest room was too much for him. I'm kind of glad he did, too, because I'd taken an afternoon to clean it out (I'd been using it to put stuff I would sort out later and hadn't quite got around to sorting it out) that I wouldn't if I hadn't thought he was likely to spend a night there. Between his exhaustion at the end of an awful flight experience, though, (he'd napped through the car drive), and falling asleep almost the moment we got there, and his parents coming early in the morning to pick him up, we didn't get to actually see or hear much of him this initial stop. But, considering, we had it a lot better than he did.

Trivia: ``Professor'' Michael Lamberti had a comic musical vaudeville act based on his playing the xylophone whilst out of his view a woman began a strip tease. He would play more enthusiastically as though the applause was for him, until at the close, he ``discovered'' her and chased her off, spraying her with a seltzer bottle. He had trained as a classical musician and played with the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra. Source: The Encyclopedia of Vaudeville, Anthony Slide.

Currently Reading: Agent of Entropy, Martin Siegel.


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