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It's time we hung some tinsel on that evergreen bough

We've got fish in the basement. We needed to test that the water quality was staying all right, since the tub is a far more artificial construct than even the outdoor pond, and we needed a test kit from a pet supply shop. I'd gotten one, and found the test tube was broken, so I had to go out again for a replacement. It was during this time that bunny_hugger's parents and brother arrived.

We were taking her brother to the airport in Grand Rapids, and her parents wanted to have a last dinner with him, and so that would dominate our Boxing Day. Her parents had been anxious that he'd miss his flight or not have time for dinner or anything, because it's always rushed to get to the airport on time, and because he wanted to spend part of the morning visiting a friend and shooting targets. That turned out, as best I could see, all right, though, and everyone got to our home on time.

We went to a nearby bar, since, I observed, there's nothing airport security would like better than finding a guy flying alone with traces of gunpowder and the smell of alcohol on him. He pointed out he was flying out of West Michigan and the screeners would probably cheer him on. With the five of us and our winter coats we barely fit in the booth. Someone who said she was a waitress got a spare seat so bunny_hugger's brother could sit at the head (or end) of the table, in the narrow aisle. Our actual waiter explained that that other person might be a waitress somewhere else, but wasn't one here, and they had to keep the aisles clear per the fire code. So we squeezed in. Her brother also kept hopping up to play Keno, a game I've never understood, and after seeing him filling out cards and watching the results I still have no idea what any of it was.

bunny_hugger and I drove him to the Grand Rapids airport, a much lower-stress and less-frantic airport than Detroit. For example, we were able to pull up to the curb, without fighting a crowd, at the departures gate and weren't hurried along by security. We hugged and hoped we'd be able to meet up in New York City when bunny_hugger and I flew out east for the other half of the holidays. And then we started driving home, and realized, bunny_hugger wasn't sure where her gloves were. We circled around again and couldn't find them on the ground by where we had briefly parked, and they certainly weren't in the car, so we just had to hope that somehow she had left the house without them after all. She had.

So with the house all quieter than normal we tried to get everything packed up and ready for our own airplane adventures, coming far too early in the morning.

Trivia: Sergei Korolev celebrated his birthday on the 14th of January, although his actual birthday was the 12th, in the Gregorian calendar. (When he was actually born, under the Julian calendar, it was the 30th of December.) Source: Challenge To Apollo: The Soviet Union and the Space Race, 1945 - 1974, Asif A Siddiqi.

Currently Reading: Nanodreams, Editor Elton Elliott. A preface, an introduction, and a foreword, with at least two publicity pitches for Drexler's society, as well as lots of explanations about how nanotech will be everything by 2004, 2005 at the latest. I'm kind of delighted by its sheer ... well, the way it's the nanotech version of those old L5 society pamphlets about how we've got this one chance to SPACE! or else we're all dead.


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