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And when you touch down you'll find it's stranger than known

I'd like to start out with a proof that I haven't been to New Zealand. I feel like if I'm going to bring stuff like this to people's attention I should have a ready alibi. Unfortunately, the fact is that I haven't ever been to New Zealand --- the closest I've ever been to New Zealand has been some emotional closeness with imaginary squirrels based out of there --- and it is sadly impossible to prove a negative. At least, I think it's impossible to prove a negative, although I don't suppose I have seen that demonstrated. Well, it's probably true enough.

And the remainder should be over at my humor blog. Other things run since last week, What Prairie Dogs Do During Their Comeback, have been:

Trivia: By early 1966 Grumman had a ``schedule slip ratio'' of about 0.8 for the Lunar Module: for every five weeks of work, schedule promises slid back about four. Source: Moon Lander: How We Developed The Apollo Lunar Module, Thomas J Kelly.

Currently Reading: Once Upon A Galaxy, Editors Wil McCarthy, Martin H Grenberg, John Helfers.

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