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Look around, leaves are brown

Well, now, a bit of fun. Remember the Cohanzick Zoo, in Bridgeton, New Jersey? And the coatis they bring out the day before Groundhog Day so as to make their own forecast for the end of winter? They did it a little differently this year: instead of the trio of coati females --- Carmella, Margarita, and Floriemel --- brought out to look around, they just brought out one --- Terreto, a ten-year-old male, and instead of trying to figure out whether he saw his shadow or not, they just had him go to one of a pair of food piles, marked Spring and Winter.

What he did, after he was coaxed out, was run under a bench and hide, possibly to remind everyone that coatis live in the rain forest and the desert, not in snow for crying out loud. Nevertheless, they carried on, and eventually Terreto went over to the pile marked Winter, which is just the way this winter has been going. Yeah, six more weeks of winter in New Jersey doesn't say much about my condition, in mid-Michigan, although the local weather animal --- Woody the Woodchuck --- burst into tears and predicted six more months of snow, which is probably an underestimate.

Trivia: In 1979 NASA managed about 55 percent of the United States space budget, and the Department of Defense about 42.5 percent. The rest was spread among the Departments of Energy, Commerce, Transportation, and Agriculture, and the National Science Foundation. Source: A History Of The Kennedy Space Center, Kenneth Lipartito, Orville R Butler.

Currently Reading: Piltdown: A Scientific Forgery, Frank Spencer.


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