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What do I hear, what do I hear? Chit-Chat and clinking glass

My hotel wasn't the lush two-room little suite like bunny_hugger and I had for the New Year's Furry Bash, but I didn't really need that. Still, I was a little sad to have a plainer room. The important thing is that I had a bathroom, wi-fi, more beds than I needed, and I could turn the heater up to the point that it got uncomfortably hot. I did have to prop open the bathroom door using a spare towel so that heat could flow into there --- the polar vortex was attacking New Jersey at the time --- but, again, the important things: bed, wi-fi, bathroom, heater I could set to Singapore Afternoon Without The Humidity.

I went into work where I tried not to let my general exhaustion after Airport '14 make me too cranky. I got the usual round of ``hi'' and ``good seeing you'' and ``how long are you in for'', and I admitted that while it was great seeing everyone else this did mean they were going to have the owner in later this week, indeed, maybe later this day. This was a mistake.

See, the boss's girlfriend's mother had died over the weekend, and understandably, that pulled him into the whirlpool of dealing with that. He did call me that morning, to apologize that he was still in Florida, but he hoped to get a flight up in the evening, and he'd totally call later in the day to touch base on things. Touching base is one of my boss's favorite things to do. He didn't actually call in the afternoon, probably because he was sleeping after spending all night putting together some kind of photo montage display of his girlfriend's mother's life.

After work, my mother called, saying she was sorry to have missed me the previous day (I was, too), and suggesting that we could get together somewhere for dinner Wednesday evening. Yes. We penciled in rough ideas to get together somewhere, at some time, and eat something.

Trivia: In February 1766 the British Parliament defeated, by 274 votes to 134, a motion to enforce the Stamp Act. Source: Redcoats and Rebels: The American Revolution Through British Eyes, Christopher Hibbert.

Currently Reading: Nancy Drew And The Women Who Created Her, Melanie Rehak.

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