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Don't leave me waiting here

I didn't have particular reason to expect that flying home would be catastrophic but with it just being a week off of Airport '14 I still was none too sure. But there weren't any problems. I dropped off my luggage, went through security, discovered that in the latest round of renovations --- the one that moved the baggage claim to a temporary building off outside the actual airport --- they'd put a bar and a set of bathrooms inside the quarantine area. The plane left on time, and I got into Detroit without trouble, got to the Michigan Flyer, and was home at a reasonable hour.

It's still left me deciding what to do about future flights East, though. Trenton's airport is by many counts a great one for my flight needs: first, I need to get to Trenton. Second, it's incredibly cheap; even counting in the cost of the Flyer to bus me to Detroit it's cheaper than any flight to Newark or Philadelphia or any plausible substantial airport. That it's small also means there's very little waiting around for security screenings or any other problems.

However, the airport has no capacity for handling problems. If the day's flight is cancelled, then, there's no replacement to be had for two or three days, unless I go to another airport. That would also require renting a car to be dropped off at a different airport, and while I know that work would cover the cost, it's a lot of hassle that I don't want to go through. I suppose that as we get farther from the dead of winter we're less likely to have weather-related delays like this, but, I don't want to have my own Flightmare.

Anyway, since this flight was no trouble whatsoever, I was there for pinball league that night. In the last little indignity from bunny_hugger's Flightmare, the pinball league night she'd hoped to get home for was postponed a week, because nobody was going to be around in the snow. So her hopes to use a rare league-night day off and see the start of the pinball league's day were foiled.

Trivia: Lillehammer's bid for the 1994 Winter Games projected a budget of 1.8 billion Norwegian kroner, about US $280 million. The costs far exceeded the worst-case scenarios and came in at about a billion dollars. Source: Encyclopedia of the Modern Olympic Movement, Editors John E Findling, Kimberly D Pelle.

Currently Reading: The Kind Of Motion We Call Heat: A History Of The Kinetic Theory of Gases In The 19th Century, Volume I, Stephen G Brush.


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