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Although bunny_hugger missed the fun of attending a whole pinball league night, start to finish, when the meeting was cancelled due to snow, she wasn't deprived forever. The thing about this winter, for us, has been that it's been brutal, cruel, and relentless. The other day the local news said we'd gotten so far 52 inches of snow, which is about 17 inches above the average for this far into the season. It's going to be a heck of a spring, if spring ever arrives, since I'm fairly sure we're just about to reach thirty days without touching the melting point. We're certainly hitting far more days than usual without breaking zero.

Which has its up side: late night the day before the next pinball league match we got a call. Her college was calling off classes for the entire day because of the bitter cold and fearsomely low wind chill temperatures. A snow day. She never gets them. And even without fresh snow, for a wonder. Besides the joy of not having to do the work routine, she got to spend the day lounging around, ripping some vinyl to MP3, and otherwise just not having to deal with work.

And since pinball league wasn't cancelled --- it was a tiny bit warmer, although we still drove the nearly two blocks to get there --- she was able to see the whole thing, from the slow gathering of people in the arcade wing of the Internet cafe-turned-hipster bar, to stuff like drawing lots to figure what games we start on, to all the clowning around that sees the event coming together. And even if it did step into a bit of annoyance --- a guy declaiming the academic degrees as a scam but going through it because he understands that's just how the game is played, which could only have slightly been better-designed to irritate us --- that's part of what you get for gathering with a dozen-plus people to hang out, and it's been one of the winter's high points.

There hasn't been a repeat of the snow day, alas, but there's still forty more weeks of winter.

Trivia: Snowboardist Ross Rebagliati was stripped of his gold medal from the 1998 Nagano games when he tested positive for marijuana use. The Court of Arbitration for Sport restored his medal upon concluding that the International Olympic Committee medical code neither classified marijuana as a prohibited substance nor clarified punishment for its use. Source: Encyclopedia of the Modern Olympic Movement, Editors John E Findling, Kimberly D Pelle.

Currently Reading: The Kind Of Motion We Call Heat: A History Of The Kinetic Theory of Gases In The 19th Century, Volume I, Stephen G Brush.


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