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All The Birds Have Flown

``Can I help you?'' I said, looking down, at the rabbit who was shoving my shins.

``Yes,'' said our pet rabbit, which was enough for him. He gave my ankle a nudge with his adorable little forepaw.

So I put the rest of his morning kibble in the dish, and he looked ready to lumber over and eat it, and said, ``What do you need?''

``Seventeen papayas, eight raisins, and three slices of apple,'' and then he sneezed, this little buzzing noise that sounds like an old-fashioned roller coaster security bar locking, which is one of his more attractive amusement park-evoking actions, up there with releasing clouds of fur into the air like tiny balloons of sneezing, or selling season passes for next year. ``That's not the important thing.''

And the remainder of this dialogue is over on my humor blog, where there've been a bunch of things appearing since last week's What Do Angels Do All Day? That number is six:

Trivia: A November 1989 Utah ballot question, approved by 57 percent of the roughly 380,000 voters, dedicated one-thirty-second of a cent of the state's sales tax for ten years to raise up to $59 million to support a Salt Lake City Winter Olympics bid. The $59 million --- plus a further $40 million to support maintenance of facilities built for the 2002 Games --- were repaid to Utah after the Olympics ended. Source: Encyclopedia of the Modern Olympic Movement, Editors John E Findling, Kimberly D Pelle.

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